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Perfect Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Step by Step recipe.

Make the perfect cookiewich with Manns Cookies and Ice cream.

We are using, award-winning New Forest Ice Cream.

The perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich day. (Sunday 2nd August)

The national holiday celebrates yummy ice cream with delicious cookies. Combining two sweet treats into the perfect summer dessert.


(Makes 1 Ice Cream Sandwich)

  • 2 Manns Cookies

  • Ice cream - slightly soft (We are using Clotted Cream - New Forest Ice Cream)

  • Topping - Melted Chocolate or Sprinkles (optional)

2 mins Prep | 30 mins Freeze

The Manns Cookies, Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe.

  1. Have your delicious Manns Cookies.

  2. Place them in the freezer for 15 mins (optional)

  3. Remove the cookies from the freezer, place both on a plate topping side up.

  4. Using a large spoon, place a spoonful or two, of semi-soft ice cream on top of one cookie.

  5. Place the other cookie on top of the ice cream and gently squish together until flat.

  6. Decorate as desired... with drizzled chocolate, sprinkles, or natural.

  7. Place the cookiewich back in the freezer for 15 mins.

  8. ENJOY!

Check out this video below

We recommend using a simple but strong flavour. We have used many different flavours with great taste. Macha Ice cream goes very well with chocolate drizzle or Vanilla Ice cream with sprinkles.

For more tips & tricks check out our IGTV (with @Kerry_Witt)

Click this link > @mannscookies <

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