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Thread the Cookie

Amanda, our Manns Cookies Founder, really believes in the positive impact that homemade items create. The love that is poured into the making of them, the special materials or ingredients sourced, and the one of a kind result you create.

There feels like nothing better than creating a piece as a special gift for a wedding, a friends birthday, an anniversary or something special for yourself!

With that in mind, we really love our latest discovery, Thread the Word!

Thread the Word, started by Sarah Foot, creates bespoke embroidered pieces that are commissioned to be given as special gifts. Sarah uses recycled fabrics for her creations to make the pieces more interesting, as well as being more sustainable for the planet.

Her work includes small cushions, linen napkins, baby blankets appliquéd with shrunken cashmere and mending of much loved but moth eaten knitwear. She has collaborated with Papouelli Shoes to personalise children's trainers with adorable motifs and their initials. What a fun gift for the little people in your life!

Her colourful, home-crafted style reminds us of our Manns Original Cookies.

A tasty homemade chocolate chip cookie, covered in colourful toppings and tasty treats. Each one is homemade with love at Cookie HQ and are unique and individual.

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