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The Naked Cookie

At Manns Cookies we are always busy in the kitchen testing out new recipes. As well as being out and about searching for new ingredients and other independent food brands to support.

This week we are loving fellow New Forest Marque Member 'The Naked Pantry New Forest'. An incredible Coffee Shop and Grocery Store who are championing zero waste and package free food shopping.

Their Shop in New Milton is home to a variety of fresh and delicious food products. All of which are purchased without packaging. Simply supply your own recycled boxes or refill jars from home and The Naked Pantry will fill everything up with your list of ingredients ready for you to take home.

It is a fun and simple way to shop that has a big impact of the environment and in reducing our daily household waste.

We feel so inspired by the zero packaging concept from The Naked Pantry that we decided to offer you The Naked Cookie Box!

Any order of Manns Cookies that are collected directly from Cookie HQ can be supplied with zero packaging! Bring your own containers or boxes which we can fill up with your tasty cookies to take away!

Collect your own Cookies! And while you are here why not pick up a tub of our delicious new range of Ice Creams. With flavours including Vegan Biscoff, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Vanilla and Wild Strawberry.

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