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Have an Egg-Cellent Easter

Easter is fast approaching and here at Manns Cookies we are getting ready to celebrate all things chocolate with our Original Easter Cookie Box.

The Original Easter Cookie Box makes a wonderful Easter Gift so loved ones can enjoy some tasty treats over Easter weekend!

Lovingly made by hand at Cookie HQ, the Cookies are decorated with a variety of different Easter-themed chocolate and sweet toppings.

Our Easter Cookies, and all Manns Cookies, are made from eggs locally sourced from the New Forest. The farm is called the Commoners Larder and is a fully working farm with lots of happy, free-range hens laying delicious eggs.

Sadly The Commoners Larder has recently experienced a fire, that has done considerable damage to the farm and buildings. They are a great local farm that sell pork, lamb and other meat products and who also offer delivery. We love to source our eggs from them now we are a member of the New Forest Marque.

We think it is extremely important to help Andrew and Sarah Parry-Norton during this time and invite you to take a look at their delicious product range. You can view their produce by clicking here.

We are also enjoying the Cadbury Chocolate Egg Hunt! Which we think is really fun! And have hidden an Easter Egg for you to find! If you would like a clue think of Cookie HQ.

Best Cookie Wishes,

Amanda x

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