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Cookies go on Holiday

An exciting adventure to the Isle Of Wight...

Manns Cookies at the Needles, chocolate chip cookies,
Cookies at the Needles

At 7 am we set off... after promptly making our way to the Needles. We boarded the boat (The QEE2 hahaha), at the Yacht haven marines and headed across the Solent to Scratchell's Bay

With the weather so beautiful and sunny, it was the perfect morning for a boat ride and sea swim, but not so perfect for our cookies.

Manns Cookies struggled to make it through the scorching heat as the delicious toppings where melting, meaning we needed to eat them quickly, but not before a dip in the sea and a few photos.

Manns Cookies in the sea, The Solent, The needles, Isle of wight
Swimming Cookies

After a refreshing swim, our models (Ella and Freya) were hungry and ready for some good cookies, as you can see they went down a treat!

Whilst this weather is so great, why travel abroad when you can enjoy England!

Stay safe stay local!

... talking about locals... don't forget to nominate your local hero for our Giveaway!

Nominate your local hero and they may receive a fresh cut bouquet of Kemlo and Kemlo flowers and a Box of 6 Manns Cookies.

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