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THE last of november

Can you believe we are right at the end of the month and next month is the C month!

Manns HQ has been busy with boxes of Christmas Cookies coming in! We will be adding our range of exquisite delights for you from Friday.

What have you been busy buying ready for Christmas? We have been feeling festive this week and we've started looking at some of the best ways to start celebrating your Christmas Parties with colleagues and loved ones.

WINE & CHAMPAGNE - you cannot beat bubbles with your cookies, devine way to spend Sunday afternoon. Cucumber sandwiches, scone and clotted cream, Manns Cookies and some bubbles. Look here for a lovely offer from Waitrose.

CHOCOLATES - If you want to really blow the budget this Christmas, why not take a look at the local chocolates made by Miss Witt! Here at Manns we love to support other local businesses, and it's nice to see they too have some fabulous offers on chocolate for the table this Christmas.

CHRISTMAS FOOD HAMPER - Well of course every hamper should have a box Manns Cookies... but M&S really do have some beautiful ones this year. Again, take a look and see what magic awaits!

All the above shops are local to Lymington and we all know Manns Cookies likes to support the local shops.

Finally you can of course get CHRISTMAS COOKIES from MANNS COOKIES. Take a look at our website for our current range and get ready for our CHRISTMAS Cookies to be available from Friday.

Best Christmas Cookie Wishes,


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