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New Chocolate and autumn cookie comfort

As the summer evenings wind down to welcome the autumnal cooler nights, let’s have a think about hot chocolate and cookies! And to super indulge Amanda has created a new chocolate bar; Manns Snickers bar packed with moojal dates, peanut butter and all kinds of yumminess! What better than a cosy night in with a treat to self? #chocolatetreats #moojaldates #autumn #sharethecookiejoy #mannscookies

Much love

Amanda x

Share the cookie joy!

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01 de mai.

Just tried the new chocolate and autumn cookie combo, and it's everything I needed to kick off the season! It's that perfect blend of rich chocolate and warm, cozy spices. Also, if anyone’s looking into plastic surgery, have you heard about ultrasonic rhinoplasty? It's a newer, less invasive technique with promising results.


29 de jan.

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