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We love a great Marketing Campaign, and WOW Louis Vuitton smashed that this week.

“I am determined to create a Kusama

world, which no one has ever done and

trodden into”.

Yayoi Kusama

Head to their website to see some incredible pieces in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama. If you're unsure who she is she's on Wiki you can find the details here - you'll be amazed as we were!

The clever marketers used Rolling Stones comes in Colours Everywhere - she’s a rainbow. I mean, the song it self from some of the most iconic musical artists in history, just ozzes magnificence with the designer artist and designer brand - so clever, fun, colourful and just awesome work all around.

AI - Augmented Reality if you haven't seen this, heard of it or thought of it - it's taking 2023 by storm so google away people, take a look at what technology, art and the design world are doing!

Have a great weekend all.

Warmest Cookie Wishes,


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