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Handmade Meets Handmade.

Meet David Handley.

David is the brains and hands behind ND Upholstery. He has been practising upholstery for 25 years and is a true craftsmen. ND Upholstery prides themselves in providing their customers with an exceptional upholstery service to a very high standard, only using quality fabrics.

At Mann's Cookies we share some of David's philosophies. We really admire ND Upholstery's dedication to excellence and their fantastic customer service. We also have a passion for making and the handmade.

After a long day at work David and I agree there is no better treat than a Mann's Cookie.

If you are in need of any upholstery work get in contact with David.


And if you are in need of a tasty treat, get in contact with us!

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