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Cookie Box

Our Bestseller!

The Original Box

The original box of Manns Cookies. 

Chocolatey good cookies, golden and crunchy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside, a perfect balance of salty-sweet with a bit of crunch, we only use high-quality ingredients. Delish!

Decorated with a variety of different toppings.

Get your hands on our Manns!


Manns Cookies
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Welcome to Manns Cookies. 

Founded in 2020 by Amanda Mann and Anoushka Freedman. 

Your number one store for delivering excellent freshly baked cookies nationwide.

A bit from Amanda… 

During the lockdown, I wanted to share the happiness that good cookies bring. 


Trying to think of ways to help my A&E friend (Dr) and her team I posted a big box of cookies to our local NHS hospital…  happily, everyone loved them and everyone wanted more… so my niece, Anoushka and I, decided there is no better way to spread joy than sending delicious boxes of cookies through the post.


So during Covid-19, Amanda and Anoushka, started cooking as a passion and spreading the happiness through delicious, gooey, and yummy cookies delivered straight through your letterbox.


Ever received something more exciting than a box of cookies through the post?

If so let us know… 

Best wishes,

Amanda & Anoushka

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"The best cookies I have ever tasted, I'm not even joking.

Much better than M&S bakery cookies.

They are insane!"

- @georgiamearns

Delicious Cookies

Natural & Naughty

Everything tastes better with the best…

So we make sure all our cookies are made with 100% love. Every cookie is hand-rolled, measured and weighed by one of the family ensuring great taste in each one! With every batch freshly baked… No one likes an old cookie…


Our cookies only contain the best ingredients. Free-range eggs, Hampshire butter and flour, combined with 72% Satongo dark chocolate fair-trade dark chocolate. 

   Definitely the naughty side of heaven! 


Flavours continuously changing with Amanda in the kitchen cooking up new cookie twists. I wonder what we're cooking up next?


If you have any interesting ideas you'd like to see appear with a cookie, get in touch.





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