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We went on holiday without leaving the kitchen…

We have cooked up a storm with our new friends Özerlat and got a real taste of Turkey.

Özerlat’s mission is to bring the delights of freshly roasted Turkish coffee to the UK and we are making the most of it!

We have welcomed Özerlat’s authentic and very delicious goods into the cookie world through a collaboration in the kitchen.

We combined some of the Özerlat Tahin Helva with Turkish Coffee into our original cookie recipe. We were very pleased with the finished product. The Helva gave a nutty flavour to the cookie with a slight hint of coffee. The texture was particularly chewy which we loved.

We topped these cookies with a mixture of their Aydin Figs and pecans. The contrast of textures between the chewy cookie and the soft figs was truly wonderful!

Özerlat’s Aydin Figs are one of my favourite products. They have the most amazing honey – sweet flavour and a soft, indulgent texture!

I would highly recommend a holiday from your kitchen table.

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