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We are thinking about eggs. And not just Easter eggs. At Mann's cookies, our ingredients are very very important to us! We focus on having natural and outstanding produce which is why we use fresh eggs from Storm Farm.

The Commoners Larder helps us do just this. Storm's Farm is a traditional, family run communing farm. They "pride themselves on an open and honest approach to their stock rearing" which goes hand in hand with Mann's Cookies philosophy.

Here is one of the lovely chickens that lays our eggs. And here is some of the lovely looking eggs next to the Horse Box which fits perfectly with our theme of locally sourced New Forest inspired produce. Order a Horse Box HERE to send to a fellow forester!

Ok, so back to Easter eggs... For the weeks running up to Easter, Mann's Cookies will be topped with the most delicious Easter eggs we can find. That includes Malteser bunnies, mini eggs and lots more!

Why eat eggs when you can eat Mann's Cookies?

In other news, to celebrate some other local businesses we have partnered with Buy Britain. Buy Britain is the marketplace to discover goods made by local UK businesses. Let’s support local jobs, skills and the economy.

Find us on their Sweet, Biscuit and Cookie page under Food and Drink.

With Love From,

Mann's Cookies.

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