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the perfect match!

We are delighted to see that independent chocolate brand Choc on Choc have their 'Perfect Match' Chocolates featured in eight Marks and Spencers Shops, after an interesting battle.

Choc on Choc, based in Bath, is run by Flo and Kerr, a father daughter team who started making chocolates from their kitchen, just like Manns Cookies!

One of their products - the "Perfect Match" Belgian Chocolates - swept to Instagram fame recently when Flo and Kerr noticed that Marks and Spencers had created an almost identical version of their product. One might say the perfect copy!

Flo and Kerr took to the mighty @Instagram to share their dismay with @marksandspencersfoodpr. And gathered quite a following who also believe in the importance of supporting local and independent UK business.

They proclaimed that instead of copying their product, Marks and Spencers should have contacted them to organise a collaboration, as they would love to have their products stocked in the UK High Street Stores.

The power of Instagram did its work and only 17 days after Flo and Kerr posted, Marks and Spencers contact them to organise a collaboration! Now the "Perfect Match" Chocolates can be found in eight of the stores around the UK. Including Kensington, Clapham, Notting Hill, Frome , Bath and Bath Weston , Trowbridge and Straford.

It is wonderful to see the positive impact Social Media can have on supporting small businesses and we are thrilled to see a fellow independent food brand entering the national marketplace!

Congratulations Choc on Choc @choconchoc

You have Manns Cookies full support!

On another note, Happy Valentines from Manns Cookies. Thank you for all your lovely orders! If you have forgotten to send something to the ones you love, Manns Cookies have you covered!

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Best Cookie Wishes,

Manns Cookies

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