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The new way to get food & treats - just in time for mothers day.

The online Delli is a new way to have local produce delivered to your door - support local.

Manns has had a busy week - our WOW bar has certainly taken the internet by storm with orders and more orders. Not to mention our NEW packaging - check out the photo above of the Red boxes - they're lovely, perfect for a Wow Bar purchase for Mother's Day Sunday 19th March 2023.

But that's not the only new thing Manns wants to share this week..... there's now a new way to order your food via an app - a tech savvy way to order delicious, local produce to you. If you don't believe us - take a look at the Delli app here.

We had the pleasure of meeting the Founder of the App, Simon Beckerman. Simon was the original Founder of Depop - another incredible social media App. Look up the link here to see his incredible history with online e-commerce and you'll see how great this new venture is bound to be.


DELLI is a platform to discover, launch and share unique food and drink. Our ambition is to build and foster a community, and together celebrate simply good food and culture. We are technical optimists. We love to read and learn, challenge each other, speak openly, and collaborate. We welcome diversity and genuinely believe that everyone's unique experiences and interests add to a better workplace — and food culture!

If you want to look at more of that they have to offer, their Instagram is flooded with lovely vibrant photos - just take a look!

I hope you found this insightful, I really enjoyed sharing this you.

Best Cookie Wishes,


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