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The New Pi Gender Reveal Box

Latest Fashun!

We are celebrating the release of our new Pi gender reveal box and commemorating the 1st year Amanda has been a Glam-ma! Pi (Prince Issac) is Amanda's first grandson who has turned 1 recently.

A gender-reveal party is an event or celebration to have during pregnancy. The primary goal of the event is the eponymous "reveal" of your baby’s sex to expecting parents, family and friends. Twentieth century medical advancement in early, reliable prenatal sex discernment has allowed the requisite information that underlies these events to develop. Originating in the United States in the late 2000s, gender reveal parties are common only in the English-Speaking world.

If your thinking of having a gender reveal party or know someone who is, this box is perfect for you 🎉... 'Go beyond cake with your gender reveal party! Gender reveal Manns Cookies are a unique way to share your baby’s gender with family and friends however far away – We deliver nationwide!'

Order your box today 🍪 The Pi Gender Reveal Box, NOW live!

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Anoushka Freedman
Sep 25, 2020


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