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🍪 The Manns Cookie Story 🍪

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

My first blog!


From me (Amanda) about us (Manns cookies) and our story.

During the lockdown, I kept the peace with happy tummies in the house. I tried to keep all my children and Pi (Prince Issac) content by cooking cookies.

(more about the joys of being a Glam-Ma in another blog.)

I decided I will try to share this joy...

Having always kept my home kitchen full of flavour, sweetness, and new ideas. I love embracing all different cultures through cooking but good quality sweet treats have always been in my heart and hardest to find until I started baking my own cookies.

I wanted to share the happiness of a good 100% Healthy and 100% Naughty cookies. ....with helpful handholding from my friend Kerry (@miss.Witt), and her expert knowledge on chocolate we found all the ingredients and packaging, all 100% natural and 100% recyclable, the added bonus that our boxes go straight through the letterbox. Which made @royalmail.offical our perfect first partner he he he. Manns Cookies now delivers nationwide - I was just so excited, like a child in the sweet shop.

Trying to think of ways to help my A&E friend (Dr) actually a consultant FRCEM and her team I posted a big box of cookies to our local NHS hospital… happily, everyone loved them and everyone wanted more… so my niece, Anoushka and I, decided there is no better way to spread joy than sending delicious boxes of cookies through the post.

Anoushka (keeping it in the family) I asked her to help me with the social media pages and design the website because I needed some help with this idea, and especially with the technicals. At only 14, Anoushka spent her morning's online schooling and her afternoons designing our website. Anoushka's love for great cookies and new technology helped get Manns Cookies, online and growing our following.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about our story.

Spreading to Cookie Love

Amanda Mann

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