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It’s all been happening here at Mann’s Cookies. We have been working hard and are very excited to be sharing the Face Box Kit with you.

The Face Box Kit


  • 6 Original Mann’s Cookies

  • A set of sweets for decorating


  • Put the cookies in the oven for 3 minutes or until the chocolate is melted.

  • Put your faces on.

  • Smile and Enjoy!!!!

The Face Box Kit makes the perfect gift for kids and a great rainy - day activity.

You will be pleased to hear they are not exclusively for children; they are great fun for any age!

Head over to our website at to order your Face Box Kit


On another note, we were introduced to Pennies by Hammersley Homes, who is a charity close to Mann's Cookies, and we wanted to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Pennies. Pennies is an award winning fintech charity focused on micro donations.

Established as a 'Digital Charity Box', Pennies allows customers to round up their payments to the nearest whole number and donate the difference of pennies.

Pennies aim is simple and one which we very much support:

"to build a community of givers and turn small acts of kindness into powerful impact for the charity sector".

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