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Perk up a pal

Want to know how to make your friends laugh AND keep them healthy.


All you need to do is send them a 'Boob Box'. Mann's Cookies has joined forces with Força to bring you the Boob box.

Força - Strength Against Cancer - is a charity which helps people living with cancer in Hampshire and Dorset. Founded in Lymington by a group of women rallying around a friend suffering from metastatic breast cancer. Força has gone on to promote promote the physical and mental health of people living with or affected by cancer.

The Boob Box is a fantastic way to remind your friends of the importance of checking their boobs. It comes with a special reminder to #checkyourself and boob inspired cookies, including big ones, small ones and wonky ones!

April is also Bowl Cancer Awareness Month so we want to give a big shout out to the @bowelbabe. Deborah James is another fantastic women giving a big F**k You to cancer! And we are here for it!

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