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Our Brilliant Cookie Breakfast

Wow, we are blown away by the number of people who came on Friday to support the Brilliant Breakfast, eat all the cookies they could, and just have a great time raising money for charity. Everyone was so generous, so thank you to all the people who donated, came along to the event, and even the ones who couldn't make it, donating online. We raised well over our target amount and couldn't have been possible without you!

Here are some wonderful pictures from the event.

Here are the companies and organisations that supported us for our Brilliant Cookie Breakfast, you can click on the buttons below to view their sites.

  • New Forest Fruit brought along a large basket of fresh juicy strawberries.

  • Ambican provided the lovely collection of hundreds of yellow cups that everyone drunk their sweet sweet coffee from.

  • Thanks to The Curious Club for the support on the organisation and generosity in getting involved.

We've got some final press-ing news for you, we managed to have a lovely article written in the Lymington Times last week. If you didn't see it here it is.

Thanks for all your support, and have a Great Cookie Day!

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