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National Cook for your pets day

Who wants Manns Cookie's to think about a dogie cookie & ice cream to add to our collection?

As a nation, we LOVE our pets! The whole purpose of us treating our 4 legged friends, is to assist with Training, show our love and give them something special.

Pet treats encourage them to listen to commands and to behave nicely. We all know it is essential to reward our pets for their obedience and effort.

An incentive gooey treat is sue to give positive emotions and help them to learn those new commands.

It isn't all about training however a great natural treat will contribute to better digestion, lower the risk of diseases, give strong immunity, increased energy and activity - ultimately leads to better overall good physical and mental health for our best friends.

Chewing is also known to act as a mental stimulator for dogs - so it's better they chew on good things!

Best cookie wishes, Amanda

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