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My Best Friends.

It is universally acknowledged (here on the South Coast) that cookies are the best post swim treat.

Isn't that right Iconic Swims?

Started by a husband and wife team - Angus and Annabelle - through their passion about the connections between sea swimming, health and the ocean environment they have brought us Iconic Swims.

Iconic Swims not only "encourages swimming with both elegance and efficiency" but also seek "a harmony with nature". At Mann's Cookies we share these philosophies in the kitchen. Head over to the Iconic Swims website to find your perfect swim - there is something for everyone!

Using the power of swimming and nature to tackle mental health issues, Iconic Swims host free Mental Health Swims to support others "swimming against the tide". In some ways, Mann's Cookies is waving the same flag - hoping to reunite people with the joy of good food and in particular, delicious cookies.

We have been lucky enough to swim with Iconic Swims here in The Solent and collectively we have agreed there's no better post-swim treat than a Mann's cookie. Or maybe four...

In Other News,

You can be as happy as Paddy (our biggest Cookie Monster) in 3 easy steps...

  1. Order a box of 12 cookies and a tub of Mann's ice cream from our website.

  2. Pick up from the Mann's Cookies' Headquarters.

  3. Enjoy.

We have six delicious flavours including Chocolate, Salted Caramel, Wild Strawberry, Blackcurrant and Clotted Cream, Turkish Delight and Vanilla. Each one compliments our cookies in their own unique way.



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