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Manns mentor wisdom - for kings and queens of business

Often in business we start out with a product or service to offer, but the running and growth of a business can be new and almost frightening.

As entrepreneurs, often there is just an initial idea. Then it's a website, tracking bookings, administration, emails, legals, accounts..... not to mention staff and all the other social media platforms, marketing, advertising and strategies that go hand in hand with a side hustle becoming a Company - something you can't get through or understand and navigate until you get to that point.

So who do you turn to? Who do we turn to when we face something we haven't experienced before?

Without knowing it - often we are all mentors. What do we mean by Mentorship here's an indication below: -

How many times have you served as a sounding board for a friend, relative, or business associate when they have needed someone to listen?

How often have you wished you had someone to talk to about things that were bothering you?. How many times have you experienced the therapeutic release or relief of being able to get something off your chest just by talking about it?

Providing a listening ear without judgement or taking on the other persons problem or giving advice, or joining them in the “ain't it awful” game, can serve as a powerful aid to be mentoring, many experienced mentors believe that effective listening is the number one mentoring skill.

Mentorship is about building rapport too.

According to researchers Linda Tickle-Degnen and Robert Rosenthal, when you have a rapport with someone, you share:

  • Mutual attentiveness: you're both focused on, and interested in, what the other person is saying or doing.

  • Positivity: you're both friendly and happy, and you show care and concern for one another.

  • Coordination: you feel "in sync" with one another, so that you share a common understanding. Your energy levels, tone and body language are also similar.

Mentorship supports small business, small business is so important to our economy. Growth needs to happen, businesses need support with sustainability. Small business is a huge contribution to our economy.

Small business turnover helps shape the UK economy

Small and medium-sized businesses in the UK had a combined turnover of £2.3 trillion in 2021. Those businesses with fewer than 10 employees - classed as microbusinesses - contributed the most, at £953 billion. While this is a significant figure in itself, it’s even more impressive when you consider that it amounts to a whopping 52% of the private sector’s overall turnover.

Manns Cookies HQ is one of those small businesses and in turn, we offer mentorship and are often involved in schemes and programmes to support others in the workplace. Giving life experience is so important in community, and we know Manns is a keen community spirit leader, who love to share their learnings.

Did you know that if you have a small business, you can get 90% of your mentorship covered for you? HMRC are helping small businesses with the help to grow management scheme. You can find the details here.

If you need a local mentor, you can reach to Claire Donnelly, she is also a private, affordable mentor. You can find her details on LinkedIn here.

Have a great bank holiday.

Best Cookie Wishes,


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