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We love fresh, unique and home grown products and that is exactly what New Forest Marque are about.

Mann's HQ is an avid supporter and has a passion in its to support New Forest Marque. In fact we are passionate about the New Forest and our heritage in general. Where we live and work is important. So is keeping a thriving business community.

If we don't support local businesses - we lose local businesses and have to travel much further afield for our food and drink sources.

New Forest Marque: Who are they and what do we know about them?

The New Forest Marque is a certification scheme established in 2004 to promote and celebrate locally produced food and drink from the New Forest region in southern England. The scheme was created to help support the local economy, encourage sustainable farming practices, and protect the unique landscape and wildlife of the New Forest.

To be eligible for the New Forest Marque, producers must meet a strict set of criteria, including using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, adhering to high standards of animal welfare and environmental sustainability, and producing their products within the New Forest boundaries.

The New Forest Marque can be found on a wide variety of food and drink products, including meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables, baked goods, beer, cider, and wine. By choosing products with the New Forest Marque, consumers can be sure they are supporting local producers and helping to preserve the natural beauty and biodiversity of the New Forest region.

We recently met with Lisa, from New Forest Marque to ask how we could support them and assist with more people knowing about them and here was their reply: -

Produce with New Forest provence:-

The New Forest Marque is a scheme set up to champion businesses who pride themselves on producing food (Manns fits in here), drinks and crafts with clearly defined New Forest provenance. All products must be grown, reared, caught, brewed or processed within the New Forest.

Supporting local producers: Members of the New Forest Marque also include local retail and hospitality businesses, who support our producers by offering Marque-certified food, drinks and crafts to their customers.

Buy local: By choosing produce bearing the New Forest Marque logo you can be assured you're supporting truly local businesses with the New Forest at the heart of their offering. Look out for the logo in shops, hotels, cafes and other local venues, or head to one of the many events Marque members attend.

Here are the links to some of the members: -

Here is the link to an event we are particularly looking forward to in August - don't miss out.

With spring & summer coming up - let's all support all our local businesses. If you think you could have something for the New Forest Marque - get in touch with them.

Best Cookie Wishes,


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