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Let's Meet.

We are late to the blog this week… as its been an exciting week, developing some new products.

Through the powers of social media, I met the very charming Jon and Hattie from No.6 Confections. We met on zoom and decided to join forces. No.6 Confections are similar to us, they started in Lockdown 1. Jon, a full time gardener and Hattie, a pastry chef, have turned their passion for chocolate into a small business.

Jon and Hattie’s have created boxes of beautiful handmade chocolates.

Each chocolate is so good looking, part of you doesn’t want to eat it, but the flavours are so mouthwatering, they’re irresistible. And placed on top of a Manns Cookie just doubles the deliciousness! We teamed up with No.6 Confections to continue trying new things and being creative, which is so important at this time. So check out their products and use code: NO610OFF on Esty to taste the mouthwatering flavours for yourself and share the word of small businesses. Keep your eyes out for Manns Cookies Valentines boxes, ❤️ launching this week. Be prepared to send something special to someone special.

Love Anoushka and Amanda.

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