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Halloween TEA PARTY

Manns HQ has the perfect pumpkin and party set up - just for you!


Welcome, Welcome! Halloween this weekend and with the falls loveliness in the autumn air, we wanted to give you some FUN ideas to celebrate that doesn't cost much more than a box of cookies (humour us)!

We want to share our Witch & Wizard Tea Party idea for all the little Witches and Wizards in your life....

What do you need - A good rummage in the charity shop or grandma's loft and you'll find most of this!

A tablecloth - charity shops have endless old vintage tapestry tablecloths see if you can find one with a fringe to give that Ghoulish finish. Here is a link to a cheap idea.

An old teapot set with cups and saucers (they don't have to be matching) - charity shops have these too... the older the better, you're setting a theme for an abandoned table many moons ago that you are stepping across. Etsy has some good ideas - have a look to get ideas on what to look for.

Magic books, spell books or just old books and magazines that you can wash some coffee over and slightly burn off the edges, I used to do this as a child for school projects! You could even print something quickly and glue to the front of an old book. Or pop to the local Library- it's just for show!

Now for some little plastic spiders, faux pumpkins (all available on amazon and supermarkets), spooky chocolates and sweets.

FINALLY to finish off your table - a box of Manns Halloween Cookies that you can find here .

Show us how your tables look! We would love to know and we can feature the best Halloween Tea Party on our social media!

HERE IS ONE FOR THE ADULTS.... Let the Games begin.......

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