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Going Green this Spring

We hope you are all having a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Here at Cookie HQ, we have been enjoying the Spring Season, adventures in the kitchen, planting flowers and getting outside.

All the blue skies and nature have got us thinking green!

And we are delighted to present to you our latest small business discovery, Stroodles!

Stroodles are an incredible foodie brand who are working hard to revolutionise tableware and fight the war on disposable plastic. They make 100% biodegradable plates, bowls, spoons, cups and straws. And even more exciting, they make these items from pasta! Meaning they are also completely edible too!

Stroodles are currently Crowd-Funding so they can grow even bigger. If you have any spare pennies this Easter why not invest in Stroodles!

Alongside our Eco-Friendly Boxes, we are thrilled to be including Stroodles in our line of Eco-Friendly Packaging!

If you would like to sample the new packaging why not join us for Coffee and Cookies at Cookie HQ!

Wishing you a tasty week ahead.

Best Cookie Wishes,


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