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Enchanted Cookie tree

You never know where a cookie might end up!

Many of us have started to put our trees up (yes we know it is November), Manns Cookie's is waiting a little longer as it has something special up it's sleeve to share!

However, in the meantime, if like us you're waiting to open your home to the decorations a little longer we wanted to give you some other things to do this December that we think look great fun for all the family.

Beaulieu Festive Fair 9th - 11th December, they'll be bringing together a handpicked selection of the UK's finest artisan creators, makers, crafting experts and local producers for you to enjoy, as well as providing access to the award-winning world of Beaulieu and its many attractions. Use the link to book your tickets for all the family.

Afternoon Christmas Tea at The Bell Inn, Brook for the month of December. The perfect way to spend an afternoon, warm in front of the fire with a nice scone, clotted cream & Jam.

Where to see Santa this year? We have you covered - here is a link to some of the best places to see Santa this year for your little ones.

Of course, the best way to spend your wintery, cold and Christmasy evenings are of course with a lovely hot chocolate and fresh cookie! Which you can collect or have delivered to your door, courtesy of Manns Cookies of course. Our Rudolph awaits a visit to your table soon.

Best Cookie Wishes,


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