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Cookie gifts - the perfect alternative option this christmas.

And 10% discount for our Corporate Clients this Christmas.

What a great idea for a corporate alternative gift this Christmas... nothing better than a handmade delish Christmas Cookie!

If you want to say a special thank you to your colleagues or your staff for their hard work in 2022, why not send a Manns Cookie what better indulgent present than what we have available cookie wise in our shop!

Send individually or as part as a hamper - our packaging is all eco-friendly and they look great on under the tree as a gift or on the table as part of a buffet.

You can purchase boxes of 6, 12 and more! The choice is yours, all you have to do is take a look at our corporate page for more info or email us to ask more questions.

Finally - if you don't know which box to pick - send a GIFT VOUCHER found on the link here.

Best Cookie Wishes,


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