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Camp it out this weekend?

Are you looking for something different to do at home this weekend?

Manns has been doing some thinking, and while some people will be busy with their Valentines (if you missed last weeks Blog you can take a look back at our ideas).. but this is for those of you who choose to ignore the trend and do something else this weekend.

Camp it out at home with the kids or the loved ones, make a warm fire, a hearty meal and pop some cookies out on the table to enjoy with a hot coffee after a day of blankets and movies.....

At a time where we are all feeling the pinch somewhere, we've reviewed some great online recipes and found this - the Camp Fire Stew! Full of goodness, flavour and 4 of your 5 a day! A hearty meal to share with the people you love and better still, it can be cooked in a slow cooker after that forest or coastal walk.

For some great coastal walks in and around Lymington take a look here and see what's around us!

We live in a beautiful part of the world - send us some of your cooked casseroles and photos from your walks!

Don't forget your cookies......

Best Cookie Wishes


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