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As I am sure you can imagine, cleaning up is a big part of the cookie business. At Mann's Cookies we clean up with style!

Style and glamour in the cleaning up world comes in the from of Sph2onge.

Sph2onge aims to "bring innovative cleaning products into your home, whether its mopping an expected spill or keeping your precious stuff free of dust and grime, we have you covered"! We can certify they do!

We have to keep up with our 5 STAR Rating and Sph2onge helps us do that!

These are all things we love about Sph2onge

- Super Absorbent: soaks up big spills with ease.

- Non Drip: holds liquid without dripping.

- Damp Dusting: grabs and holds dust for easy removal.

- Streak Free Shine: one wipe for sparkling results.

- Indoor and Outdoor Use: tackles cleaning whereever you go.

Thank You Sph2onge for helping us on our quest for cleanness!

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