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Are We Green Washing?!

This week at Manns Cookies we are loving our latest discovery - Everrati!

Everrati is a dynamic company who are working hard to turn our favourite classic cars electric!

Everatti believe that the unique spirit of an iconic classic car is a commodity worth preserving, while safe guarding them for a greener future. Through an in-depth restoration and modernisation process, Everrati strive to make each Everrati Car a bespoke creation for its owner to enjoy into the future!

We absolutely love this idea at Manns Cookies and are especially excited by their Electric Land Rover! One of our favourite cars for delivering your Cookies and Ice Cream!

Turning well loved products Eco-Friendly is something we value highly at Manns Cookies. And we think this eco-friendly take on the Land Rover would go perfectly with our V-Chip Cookies!

The V-Chip Cookies are our Original Chocolate Chip Cookies turned Vegan. The perfect Cookie alternative for Vegans and Plant Based eaters looking for a tasty treat.

The V-Chip Cookies also taste delicious with our new Vegan Biscoff Ice Cream!

If you wish to collect your V-Chip Cookies and Biscoff Ice Cream from Cookie HQ over the Bank Holiday Weekend we are doing a special deal.

Enjoy a Box of 6 V-Chip Cookies and Ice Cream for £18. Or a Box of 12 V-Chip Cookies and Ice Cream for £23.

Wishing you a Cookie Bank Holiday Monday!

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